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The complete set n° 3 Chant de cigales

1 Box = 15 different hygiene products


Made in the heart of Provence, our natural solid soaps clean, protect and strengthen your epidermis and scalp. This discovery box is the ideal gift to please yourself or others. It is composed of :

  • 1 x Rosemary body soap (125 g)
  • 1 x Sweet almond oil body soap (125 g)
  • 2 x Orange essential oil and wheat bran face soap (60 g)
  • 1 x Natural shampoo (80 g)
  • 1 x Tea tree hand soap (155 g)


 All about the complete set n°3

🌿 Body soap with rosemary essential oil

A natural and gentle exfoliation

This Rosemary superfatted body soap allows you to benefit from all the advantages of this plant, here exploited in essential oil and in the crushed form.
Astringent and purifying, the essential oil of rosemary is rich in powerful antioxidant compounds. When added cold to our soap, it retains all its benefits.
With rosemary leaves, our soap gently exfoliates your skin in a natural way without polluting the planet. It facilitates the elimination of dead skin and stimulates cell regeneration. The effect is completed by the essential oil that brings impurities to the surface for a soft, toned skin and leaves a fresh and vegetal scent.
When used, the rosemary soap helps the skin to regenerate and fight against the effects of aging. Enriched with organic shea butter, it deeply nourishes your skin.

🌰 Body soap with sweet almond oil

The soap to fill up with softness

Sweet almond oil is known for its soothing and softening action on delicate and dry skin. Particularly recommended for treating tight and uncomfortable skin, it is suitable for all skin types.
Rich in omega-9, in vitamins E and A, the sweet almond oil nourishes all the skins and brings flexibility and softness, and protects from the cutaneous drying. Fortifying, it supports the cutaneous repair and calms itchings as well as irritations. Highly hydrating, it helps to fight against the stretch marks.
Our surgras soap with sweet almond oil is composed of more than 99% of ingredients of natural origin and is your daily ally for a soft and delicately scented skin. Let yourself be carried away by its softness during a soothing and relaxing shower.

🍊 Face soaps with sweet orange essential oil and natural wheat bran scrubs

A fresh and luminous complexion in a good mood

Sweet orange essential oil, wheat bran and red ochre.
Sweet orange essential oil is known for its calming properties and its tonic effect on the skin. Thanks to its sweet fruity fragrance, it promotes well-being and good mood.
With wheat bran, our soap with orange essential oil offers a natural and gentle exfoliation. Your skin is rid of daily impurities and pores are deeply cleansed. Rid of dead skin, your complexion is fresh and luminous, your skin is energized and regenerated.
It is from red ochre, a 100% mineral and natural ingredient that our soap gets its pretty pink color.

🤍 Solid and natural shampoo with coconut surfactant

More ecological and economical than traditional shampoos

Without sulfate, the solid shampoo lathers naturally thanks to the surfactant from coconut while respecting your scalp. The foam is dense for a pleasant shower.
“The key ingredients of the shampoo? White clay, which absorbs excess sebum without drying out your scalp. It is the natural stabilizing ingredient par excellence. Then, the cocoa butter which nourishes and strengthens your hair, giving it volume.
And finally, the organic Argan oil that acts on the hair to make it shinier and silkier.”
Whether you have oily, dry or damaged hair, our natural solid shampoo is for you. Nourishing from root to tip, it helps your hair regain its health. The coconut surfactant respects your scalp and promotes a strong and dense hair fiber. The recipe is designed for a fortifying and refreshing effect. The texture of soft vegetable clay is very pleasant to use morning or evening.
Thanks to its 100% natural composition, your hair is soft and silky.
Suitable for all hair types
Daily use, neutral ph, long lasting alternative. Your hair will say thank you.

🤍 Hand soap with tea tree oil

Enriched with macadamia oil and white clay for unparalleled softness

Our Tea Tree Oil Hand Soap is enriched with macadamia oil, white clay and organic shea butter to provide an effective and nourishing wash.
The essential oil of tea tree is known for its purifying and cleansing effect. Antibacterial and antifungal, its broad spectrum of actions makes it your best ally in case of skin problems such as eczema.
Essential oil of macadamia brings the nourishing, protective and softening care to complete the benefits of the soap. It penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy film.
Organic shea butter is known to be rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, and for its repairing benefits and facilitates the regeneration of the epidermis.
Thanks to a complement of white clay known for its softening and repairing benefits, this hand soap with tea tree is ideal for a daily use for a soothed skin and protected from external aggressions.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Rosemary essential oil: Astringent and purifying, rosemary essential oil is rich in powerful antioxidant compounds.
  • Sweet almond oil: This oil is known for its soothing and softening action on delicate and dry skin.
  • Sweet orange essential oil: Sweet orange essential oil is known for its calming properties and its tonic effect on the epidermis.
  • Coconut Surfactant: Deeply cleanses your hair without damaging it, ideal for brittle and fragile hair.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil: Tea tree essential oil is known for its purifying and cleansing effect.
Weight 0.83 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 7 cm


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