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3 hand soaps with activated charcoal

1 Mini box = 8 bottles of 200 ml


Purifying, black vegetable coal is the ultimate detox treatment. When it is active, its absorbing properties are increased tenfold. Generously enriched with Gurjum, the pebble in the NATURALIS FLORES gift set cleans your hands thoroughly. It is particularly recommended for skin subjected to pollution and stress. Repairing, it eliminates all the impurities and thanks to the Argan oil, your hands are nourished, hydrated and protected.


All about activated charcoal soap

🖤 Hand rope roller with activated vegetable charcoal and gurjum essential oil

Activated charcoal, the ultimate detox treatment

Purifying, the black vegetable coal is the detox care par excellence. When it is active, its absorbing properties are increased tenfold.
Gurjum is known for its natural disinfectant properties.
Generously enriched with essential oils of gurjum, the soap with activated charcoal, washes and disinfects your hands effectively. Thanks to the nourishing and repairing organic argan oil, it allows a cleaning of hands gently but especially to eliminate naturally the impurities.
Adapted to all types of skins, fragile, sensitive, dry or subject to problems such as eczema and psoriasis, the surgras hand soap is made for skins subjected to pollution and stress.
It is the natural and eco-responsible solution for a guaranteed satisfaction.
Made of natural ingredients, it is ideal for daily use and suitable for the whole family.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Activated charcoal: Detox product par excellence, it purifies your hands and leaves your skin soft. Ideal for daily use.
  • Gurjum: the properties of this plant are known for their natural disinfectant actions.
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