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4 facial soap with cedar essential oil

1 Mini box = 6 tubes of 200 ml


Box of 4 solid face soaps with cedar essential oil and poppy seeds is your daily companion for a fresh complexion.


Learn more about Cedarwood, Poppy Seed and Red Clay Facial Soap

🌲 Face soap with cedar essential oil, poppy seeds and red clay

The perfect trio for a radiant complexion

Our face soap is made of a trio of ingredients perfect for a fresh and luminous complexion: cedar essential oil, poppy seeds and red clay.
The essential oil of Cedar is a treasure for its anti-inflammatory properties particularly appreciated in case of psoriasis, eczema or dermatosis. Moreover, it has regenerating, healing, soothing, antifungal and astringent properties, it is recommended for the treatment of mycosis.
Poppy seeds are an eco-respectful alternative to industrial exfoliants. Perfectly natural and biodegradable, they allow to realize a soft exfoliation.
Red clay is known to be rich in trace elements, including iron oxide, with rebalancing and soothing properties.
The essential oil of cedar cleanses your skin; the poppy seeds rid it of impurities for a unified complexion; and finally, the red clay absorbs excess sebum. As a result, your complexion is unified and your skin breathes.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Cedar: Anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing and anti-fungal. Perfect for skin prone to psoriasis, eczema or dermatosis
  • Poppy seeds: the sheaths allow you to exfoliate your face gently and naturally without polluting the waterways*. A natural face soap without compromise.
  • Red clay: Rich in trace elements for rebalancing and soothing effects.

*Some exfoliating care products use microbeads that are extremely harmful to the environment because they end up in groundwater. To be avoided.

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