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Washable discs – Bamboo

The best choice for makeup removal: Set of 5 large bamboo washable discs, made in France, presented in a pretty organic cotton bag.

Our bamboo fiber washable discs are perfect for gently removing makeup and impurities that accumulate during the day on your skin. They are a perfect zero waste alternative to disposable cotton pads because they are washable more than 3,000 times and considerably limit your waste.

These washable bamboo discs are suitable for all skin types, including baby’s.


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Did you know?

Bamboo is a low water consumption plant which, when transformed into fiber, offers a very soft fabric. It is therefore suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. The bamboo fiber discs can be used on the face, lips, neck and even on the eyes.

A French manufacture

Our bamboo fiber discs are cut and assembled in a French workshop.

They have two different sides :

A first soft side: very effective thanks to its fine weaving
A second side : with a weaving specially designed for a deeper cleaning and make-up removal, always soft.

Tips for using the bamboo discs

The discs can be used for :

the make-up removal at the end of the day
the toilet of the morning with a micellar water or a hydrolate of pink or cornflower
the change of baby
to wash your children with a little water and soap, in replacement of the washcloth.

Maintenance advice

Wash the discs after each use.
The discs hold up very well to machine washing up to 60°C in the included wash net with your regular detergent.


Diameter : 10 cm

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Availability: 4 in stock