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3 hand soap with citrus essential oil

1 Mini box = 8 bottles of 200 ml


Set of 3 solid hand soaps with citrus essential oils: orange and lemon. Your ally for clean and lightly scented hands.


All about the citrus hand soap

🍊 Hand soap with citrus essential oil

Escape to sunny lands

With each use, this hand soap releases the essential oils of anti-stress orange and cleansing lemon.
Thanks to its antiseptic and bactericidal properties, lemon essential oil is a must for clean and healthy hands. However, it is also an ally for soft and brittle nails.
Orange essential oil offers balance and well-being. Its scent gives a boost to good mood and promotes optimism while absorbing bad odors.
With a complement of white clay known for its softening and repairing benefits, this citrus hand soap is ideal for daily use. And like all our soaps, it is enriched with organic shea butter for an unparalleled moisturizing effect. It washes your hands thoroughly, rids them of bacteria and unwanted odors and delicately perfumes them. Cook and work without restraint, your hands will be well treated.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Orange essential oil: anti-stress, it absorbs all bad smells and leaves a sweet fruity scent.
  • Lemon essential oil: sanitizing, antiseptic, bactericidal.
  • White clay: softening and repairing, it brings softness and hydration.
  • Organic shea butter: repairs, soothes and nourishes your skin in depth.
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